Data Engineering

The Emids® Approach

Make Data Your Business Advantage

The healthcare industry has access to more data than ever before. But many businesses struggle with managing the growing volume of data and how to use it to their advantage. With the industry shifting from fee-for-service to value-based care, organizations need to figure out how to make data use seamless and easily exchangeable across platforms. For that to happen, you need to implement a mechanism for data governance, which makes data sound and reliable.

Emids can help you manage and effectively use data for optimal results. We have a process-oriented approach to data management, consisting of data stewardship, data quality, data security and metadata management. With extensive experience in all major data warehousing technologies, we bring a technology-agnostic perspective to resolve your data quality issues.


Create Results with Your Data

Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

Create a roadmap that reflects your goals and current environment—a map that plots a pragmatic path to get your organization from where you are to where you want to be.

Data Governance

Achieve reporting and analytics goals to tackle strategic cost and quality improvement initiatives.

Data Integration and Analytics

Connecting applications at the point of care and in the back office to support real-time decision making.

Data Migration and Quality

Complete migration services, from assessment, planning and architecture design to data cleansing, testing and deployment.

Health Data Management

Help healthcare providers, payers and software vendors meet multifaceted objectives for data management and quality with proprietary business intelligence (BI) accelerators and other tools to save money and time.

Data Visualization

Build multidimensional datasets that present information visually through charts, graphs and dashboards, allowing you to filter for specific views or drill down for more detail.

Data Platforms


CoreANALYTICS is focused on quality and performance measures, specifically targeted at quality and performance data from source systems.  A unique element is the Analytics Engine, which is where the measures calculations occur and are dynamically updated when there are new requirements and calculations needed.


Introducing CoreLAKE™. A unified data management platform with out-of-the-box functionality to solve the unmet data needs for healthcare organizations head-on.

The configurable low-code platform can ingest and integrate varied data in a comprehensive healthcare data model, enabling you to perform advanced analytics in a timely and cost-effective manner. From discovery to go-live, Emids can have you up and running on our CoreLAKE™ platform in 10 weeks or less.


Data and Analytics on AWS

Unlock the potential of your data and accelerate the creation of digital solutions that will impact the future of health.

Harness that potential with the security and reliability of AWS and Emids’ comprehensive range of IT and digital product development services to create data driven solutions across the care continuum.


Using Data to Transform the Consumer Experience


Accelerate Insights: Creating a Data-Driven Organization


Case Study

Clinical Data Acquisition & Integrations

Our team designed a highly scalable FHIR-based interoperability solution hosted on the AWS platform to overcome multiple P2P connections, hence reducing effort and saving on operational costs.


Unlock Insights that Create Transformative Outcomes