Humana’s Low-Code Partnership Approach to Rapid Digital Innovation

In an era of rapid digital healthcare innovation, Humana, the third largest health insurance company in the U.S. faced several challenges within its digital channels unit to rapidly bring new solutions to market. It was laden with complex architecture, which meant IT had to tread carefully, given the importance of safeguarding personal health information for millions of members.

Amid this complexity and the COVID-19 pandemic, Humana needed a solution for its contact center’s number one ask: locating a COVID-19 testing center for its members.

The existing giant spreadsheet was slowing down contact center staff, so Humana turned to its low-code delivery partner, Cloud Development Resources (CDR)—an Emids company—to co-deliver a solution on the OutSystems platform. Through this low-code co-creation approach, Humana was able to create the web app experience on OutSystems in a weekend and Emids was brought in to develop a full suite of back-office functions, allowing 30 reps to regularly update the testing locations database in real time on the web app.

Within a month, Emids also created a mobile-friendly customer-facing app to help members directly find testing sites through a Google-map-like search experience leveraging artificial intelligence in OutSystems.

Speed to market is a key challenge for digital innovation and Humana now delivers four times faster for its members thanks to a low-code platform approach to application development and its partnership with CDR. This shows that a vast range of innovations once considered cost-prohibitive or risky are now viable. Finally, Humana now has a mobile-friendly customer-facing app that allows members to self-serve, taking pressure off of their call center agents.

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Learn more about the partnership between CDR, OutSystems and Humana here.

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